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This template currently generates the master InfoBox. It is able to create many different types of InfoBoxes.

The only thing unique about the different types of InfoBoxes will be the categories they include, and which fields will be required. i.e., for a software release, we require "year" to know when it came out, but "endyear" makes no sense. For a convention or publication, we might want to require "endyear".

boxtype is being implemented. It will allow this generic InfoBox to enforce required fields for the different InfoBox types. Thus, if you generate a Publication box, it will display "MISSING END YEAR" if the end year is not entered, and tag the page with "Missing End Year" so all pages that need that can be easily located.

Please do not edit this InfoBox template.


The parameters you pass in depend on the boxtype you specify. Some are used by multiple box types, and others are specific to only one. When this is complete, I will revise this help screen to better explain how to use all of this, and it will be really simple.

{{InfoBox |
| boxtype    = Company, Convention, Hardware, Person, Publication or Software
<!-- All -->
| name       = (else PAGENAME is used)
| photo      = (else PAGENAME.jpg is used)
| caption    = (optional) photo caption or ALT tag
| date       = (optional) Month XX
| year       = #### year released
| notes      = short description
| infosource = where did this information come from

<!-- Company, Convention, Publication -->
| enddate    = (optional)
| endyear    = 

<!-- Company, Convention, Person, Publication -->
| location   = 

<!-- Hardware -->
| interface  = 

<!-- Publication -->
| alibris    = 
| format     = 
| isbn       = 
| isbn-13    = 
| language   = 
| pages      = 
| volume     = 

<!-- Publication and Software -->
| publisher  = 

<!-- Software -->
| author     = 
| media      = Disk, Tape, ROM-Pak
| memory     = ##Kb
| os         = OS-9. CB, ECB, DECB (or RS-DOS?)
| platform   = CoCo 1, CoCo 2, CoCo1/2, or CoCo 3
| requires   = Joystiks, Mouse, Disk Drive, etc. 
| videomode  = 32 Text, PMODE 4, 320x250x16, etc.
| download   = link for download