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Hardware design and integrated circuits

Internally the CoCo 1 and CoCo 2 models are functionally identical. The core of the system is virtually identical to the reference design included in the Motorola MC6883 data sheet and consists of five LSI chips:

Audio Digitizers

Audio Output Devices

  • Orchestra-90 CC (26-3143) - Software Affair Stereo Music Synthesizer DAC recreated by Zippster as the CoCoDAC-16
  • Speech/Sound Cartridge (26-3144A) - General Instruments Music and Speech Synthesizer AY3-8913 Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) and an SPO256-AL2 Narrator Speech Processor
  • Symphony-12 - Speech Systems' 4 x AY-3-8912 PSG for 12 channel sound, recreated as the Philharmonic-12
  • Game Master Cart - RetroTinker's Flash ROM and SN76489AN Digital Complex Sound Generator (DCSG)
  • CoCo PSG - Zippster's YM-2149 Software-controlled Sound Generator (SSG)
  • MEGA mini MPI - Zippster's YM-262F OPL3 FM Synthesizer
  • The Voice - Speech Systems' Speech Synthesizer with the Votrax SC-01
  • Super Voice - Speech Systems' Speech Synthesizer device that could sing with a Votrax SC-02 / SSI 263A
  • Real Talker - Colorware Voice Synthesizer with the Votrax SC-01

Bus Expander

Computers & Clones

Tandy/Radio Shack Tape Drive Systems

Other Tape Drive Systems

Floppy Disk Controllers

Tandy/Radio Shack floppy disk controllers

Third party floppy disk controllers

Hacking floppy disk

Alternate floppy disk controller ROMs

Hard Drive Controllers

Input Devices

See also Joysticks

Tandy / Radio Shack

Third party


Memory Upgrades

MIDI Interfaces

Monitors and displays

Arithmetic Processor Units

Multi Devices

These are items that serve more than one purpose, such as Cloud-9's SuperBoard.


RS232 Devices

Video Digitizers

Video Out

Historical Solutions

Build it yourself

Current Solutions to Purchase

  • Video without RF Box Use existing RF out on your CoCo 1, 2, or 3 into your TV tuner.
  • RGBtoHDMI Requires Pi Zero, RGBtoHDMI hat board, and Analog board. Mostly used with CoCo 1s and 2s, but can also be used for PAL CoCo3s to simulate NTSC artifact colors.

CoCo 1 or 2 Only

Note that these CoCo 1 and 2 solutions require installation.

CoCo 3 Only

Light Controller

Mods & Hacking