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CoCo Relatives

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The Color Computer had a number of clones and relatives. All have some differences from the TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer, they also bear some significant resemblance and some degree of compatibility, whether because of a similar hardware design, a similar Microsoft BASIC, or the commonality of the OS-9 operating system.


  • MC-10 The Radio Shack Micro Color Computer.

CoCo Clones

Brazilian Clones

When it comes to clones, Brazil is a special case meriting its own category. From 1984 to 1992, Brazil had a strict policy of trade protectionism for computer hardware and software.[1] As a result, many globally important computer platforms of the era had Brazilian clones, and the CoCo was no exception, with several clones.

4th Generation "CoCo 4" Contenders

  • MM/1 Information about the IMS/Blackhawk MM/1
  • TC-9 Information about the Frank Hogg Labs TC-9 Tomcat
  • TC-70 Information about the Frank Hogg Labs TC-70
  • ADD: Delmar, WCP, and a few others?