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Name CoCo SDC
Year 2009
Interface Cartridge Port
Notes Current version (2021-03) : SDC-DOS 1.6, MCU (firmware) 121 (May 2020)
Info Source product user's guide
About the Hardware Info Box


The CoCo SDC is a Color Computer Floppy Disk Emulator running SDC-DOS (effectively a floppy drive controller replacement), ready for Drivewire server communication. It was designed by Darren Atkinson.

Instead of hooking up old, hard to find floppy drives or cassette recorders, it gives direct access to floppy disk, cassette and ROMpak images stored on modern SDHC card storage. This is implemented by SDC-DOS additional commands to mount disk image files on the SD card, program the Flash and execute ROM images contained in the Flash. DriveWire disk support is also included in SDC-DOS.

Provided your system has a Multi-Pak, you can connect a real floppy interface and the CoCo SDC at the same time, then backup physical floppies to disk images on an SD card. Copy protected disks can be backed up using tools like Carl England's Defeater. It is also useful to backup software loaded from cassettes.

The CoCo SDC also provides 128K of Flash memory which is divided into 8 banks of 16K so users can program their favorite ROM or alternative OS as well. SDC-DOS and DECB reside in banks 0 and 1, respectfully, when shipped.

Based on an Atmega micro-controller, the CoCo SDC emulates the Western Digital 1774 floppy controller chip and as such is basically 100% compatible with any CoCo software, including copy protected disks. CoCo floppy disk replacement devices and software have one major shortcoming – the inability to use software in which the author wrote his or her own floppy disk access routines. All versions Drivewire and the SuperIDE; CoCoNet and the Micro SD Pak, Bluetooth Pak and RS-232 Pak all suffer from this problem. The CoCo SDC aims at aleviating this problem.

The CoCo SDC case

The CoCo SDC was designed to fit into a FD-501 or 502 case, as shown below.

Such cases are not easy to find, though. Other sources for SDC cases include:



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