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WynDec Systems

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WynDec Systems

Name WynDec Systems
Location USA
Notes Owner : Paul Fiscarelli
Info Source Shop site, CoCoFest site
About the Company Info Box

WynDec Systems

WynDec Systems is a producer of retro-computer solutions for the vintage computer community.


  • CoCo Floppy Disk Tools - a utility for cataloging, viewing, editing, and searching virtual disk images for the TRS-80 Color Computer.
  • CoCo Joystick2USB Deluxe - An adapter to connect a TRS-80 Joystick (5/6-pin DIN) to a modern USB-capable computer
  • CoCo Keys2USB Kit - Kit includes custom PCB, micro-controller, and connectors to build an encoder for connecting TRS-80 Color Computer 3/2 keyboard to USB port