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CoCo Keys2USB Kit

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CoCo Keys2USB kit


Name CoCo Keys2USB kit
Info Source product website
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This kit will allow you to take a TRS-80 Color Computer 3* keyboard and adapt it for connection to a USB port on a PC or Raspberry Pi. This gives you the ability to use a physical Color Computer keyboard in an emulator environment.

While using emulators, I missed the authentic or nostalgic experience of using the actual physical keyboard of the original Color Computer. This kit brings back that experience, especially if it's paired with a Raspberry Pi in a spare Color Computer case.

It's an all-in-one, compact device. The firmware may also be customized and upgraded by the user for additional enhancements. Some of the features include custom and programmable key combinations for switching between key maps of different emulators, as well as quick keystrokes for bringing up options on those

NOTE: This kit is designed/sold for use with a TRS-80 Color Computer 3 keyboard, which is also directly compatible with a TRS-80 Color Computer 2B keyboard. It is possible to use with and older CoCo 2 'melty' style keyboard or CoCo 1 'chiclet' style keyboard, but a different connector style and/or orientation may be required. If you plan to use this device with one of these older style keyboards, or are unsure of which keyboard you may have, please contact me before ordering.


  • Allows connectivity of physical TRS-80 Color Computer keyboard to a PC or Raspberry Pi
  • Supports multiple keyboard cable options - including Flat-Flex mylar, Zippster's CoCoMech Keyboard, and single inline header
  • Card Edge connector allows for mounting orientation of encoder in both directions\
  • Microcontroller code/firmware can be customized for additional features
  • Optional 3D-printed mounting block for mounting inside Color Computer 1/2/3 case

What's included with the kit?

  • (1) Custom 2-Layer PCB
  • 1) ATmega32U4 microcontroller
  • (2) 1x12 pin female single-row headers
  • (1) 2x16 pin card edge connector
  • (1) 2x8 IDC pin header connector
  • (1) 2-pin header and jumper

What else is required that is not included with the kit?

  • USB-micro to USB-A cable for connecting to computer
  • Color Computer keyboard
  • No case is provided but an optional mounting block can be selected to add to your order