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This is my userpage.

I started with a 16K CoCo 2 that I got for Christmas as a kid and a little later moved up to the 64K. Longed for a CoCo3 but didn't want to seem ungrateful for the ones I'd gotten so I proactively said I didn't want one!

Got a CCR-81 after a generic computer tape recorder proved incompatible. Never did get Dungeons of Daggorath (which I loved otherwise) to successfully load or save any games to/from tape though.

Subscribed to Rainbow (sadly, couldn't afford Rainbow on Tape, let alone on Disk), The Color Computer Magazine, and HotCoCo. And T&D Software.

Got a black and white RadioShack dot matrix printer that never worked properly; can't recall the model number/name. So my CoCos were never practical tools for school.

Had a number of cool games though.