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Gene Heskett

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<NOTE> Wiki Pages should not be used to highlight one's own work to the extent that it takes up 90% of the entire page (shaking my head). I've relinked the ancestor page to NitrOS-9 instead of this one, so it won't be seen by the outside world. -- Boisy Pitre

Hi, I'm Gene heskett, and I redid or wrote from scratch, several of the os9/nitros9 utilities.

Gsort, for sorting directories alphabeticly. a re-write with improved housekeeping. Get it from RTSI

Printform, a print formatter for text that worked fairly well, a re-write with lots of new bells and whistles. I think thats on RTSI too.

Cprep19, a replacement for the MicroWare c.prep, first offered by Mathew Thompson, and extended enough that it could handle c src files in excess of 32k in size without handling errors. As usual, on RTSI.

vfy, a from scratch effort, intended to mimic an osk utility, but ended up being far more capable in terms of what it could do to an executable file. Mark IIRC, once referred to it as a swiss army knife for object code modules. Also available from RTSI

Os9/nitros9 was a very educational operating system. I even did a couple of releases of the for nitros9, one of which inadvertantly contained a bomb that would wipe out the filesystem. But that was fixed in later patches.

There are other utils I cleaned up too, like cron. So if you need a unix like cron for os9, there is a working version of that on RTSI I believe.

I no longer run a coco for daily use, running linux now, but I still have the coco3, operational, that I did all that on.

Email to: g e n e . h e s k e t t AT v e r i z o n . n e t