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Author Jeremy Spiller
Media Disk
Requires Joystick, CoCo3
Graphic mode 320x225x16

Zenix By Jeremy Spiller.

This game is a clone of Galaga, but this one has a story to it in which you get to defeat the Alien Home World.It has 32 levels of pure fast addiction, in one of the quickest games to date (another being Crystal Cities by the same author).

This game uses the 320x225x16 color graphics screen, with digitized sounds.

The game used a unique sequence of where the Aliens would come down to attack, then zoom straight to the top, before going out of play, while most games,the aliens would go down and out of play ,or through the side. so it has 3 get ways for the aliens to leave the playing field.

There is no bonus option of collecting another fighter plane, but you do get the options of collecting different Fire capabilities, which last for roughly 30secs, plus there is a energy bonus to get your shields back up.

Game controls are using the right joystick, I have managed to make it to level 32, but I'm not going to tell you what the ending is like, as this game just gets faster and faster. I love the part when the screen shakes, when you are hit in the later stages, what we need is someone to hack it, and make the fire button call auto repeating, for those who would love to see the Ending.

Overall this game is a must have.