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XMODE is a utility to display or change the parameters of SCF devices such as printers, terminals etc.

SYNTAX: XMODE <devname> [params]



nam=p mgr=SCF ddr=scbbp hpn=07 hpa=FF22 upc=00 bso=00 dlo-01

eko=00 alf=00 nul=00 pau=00 pag=42 bsp=08 del=18 eor=0D

eof=00 rpr=04 dup=01 psc=17 int=00 qut=00 bse=5F ovf=07

par=00 bau=02 xon=00 xof=00 col=50 row=42 xtp= wnd=

val= sty= cpx= cpy= fgc= bgc= bdc=

OS9: XMODE /p bau=07