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The Microscopic Mission

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The Microscopic Mission
The Microscopic Mission Back

LASER SURGEON:The Microscopic Mission

From Back of the box

Invade the Toughest Defense System Ever Created

The Human Body

In a young persons brain lies a life-threatening injury. His condition is far too serious to withstand any known treatment. Until now. Until you. You and your colleagues are Laser Surgeons, a small elite corps of brilliant doctors and master tacticians. You command a most sophisticated vehicle, the Laser Probe. The Probe, armed with front-view camera, drugs, radio, and laser, can travel inside the patient's body. If the Probe reaches the brain in time, you can treat the injury and save a life. But first you have to get there...

Prepare to find your way through the maze of capillaries. Navigate against the flow of blood. Repel the swarms of bacteria, fungi, and viruses surging toward the probe, trying to surround and destroy it. Take the Probe through the heart without being crunched by the powerful muscle. And treat the injury before the Probe is zapped by a neuron's electric charge. Best of luck. The victory of life over death is in your hands. Designed by Synergistic Software

The Microscopic Mission Screen 1

The Microscopic Mission Screen 2
The Microscopic Mission Screen 2


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