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Letters to Rainbow

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I want to extend by configurations on the fine work you are doing. I've been writing for quite a while for a magazine that truly is helpful and covers the Color Computer.

David Sbana Mississauga, Ont.


I's a mathematician who, initially, wanted to promote myself — Microcomputer wise - to higher things after learning BASIC and Assembly. For the fore readable future. I'll stick with the TRS-80CC. It Could be the hottest item on the microcomputer market and I'm sure you'll grow with it.

Talk about Tandy having a "tiger by the tail!" I really don't think they knew what they had when they introduced it. Let's hope they support it like they should.

John Wilkinson Santa Barbara, CA


I just received my first issue and think your magazine is great! Color Computer owners are finally getting some good quality programs. Thank you.

LaDell Penarn Montrose, DO


First of all, congratulations class continuing to publish a first class magazine. I really look forward to each issue since they are don ally full of good tips and excellent progress.

Let me make a couple of suggestions:

1. Allow sufficient margin on the left for punching holes for individuals like myself can heap copies realty filed in a three-ring binder.

2. "Encourage the development of USEFUL programs is addition to guess. You my want to indicate a need for sane in future issues.

3. Don't forget as usual issue which will include an index.

Thank you again for a very fine magazine I wish you continued Business

Jorge Mir New Berlin, WI

(Ed. Note The printer willing we'll have space for hole-punching this month. And Mr. Mir is right, we would like more non-game programs (although we don't want to downgrade games and fun, either). If you have something you've been using, send it for consideration! We'd enjoy having the opportunity to look at and shore it.)


I'm impressed with the RAIMBOW! I purchased the Color Computer to develop educational materials for language teaching, linguistics and teaching various subjects to your children. I chose the Color Computer because it can control the tape recorder with ease and cost of the exercises I am developing require oral listening comprehension.

I tried the Apple II SUPERTAUKER, and although it not access oral data readon1y, it is not cost effective and the quality of the oral data is poor.

I'd like to see more educational applications and I also have a question. in Apple we can initialize the disc with a HELLO program an which is run an a turnkey when the machine is turned on. Can anyone help me with this for the Color disc?

I'd also like to be able to control the REWIND and REPEAT and tell the students to press PLAY on the recorder. Can anyone help?

Dr Marno Suaunrau Ohio University 5803 Timber Ridge Dr. Prospect, KY 40059


I read review of MASTER CONTROL and agree in principle that It's a handy utility. I can't figure out how to use it not since the documentation was not clear (maybe) didn't get any) and quite incomplete. Also, I fair PACMAN is available from Soft Sector Marketing and a superior one from Computerware, Encinitas. CA.

I suggest Mr. Laser (Nov. "Letters") obtain MAGIC BOX from Spectral Associates, WA. Not only will he be able to translate model I/II BASIC tapes, but further information is in the documentation.

Michael Potts M.D. Nashville, TM


CIMTUS. the Cincinnati TRS-80 users Group, meets on the second Saturday monthly and its newsletter ($12 a year contains considerable useful information about the Color Computer

Those interested can contact me at 44 Bow court, Fairfield, OH

Dick White Fairfield, OH


Please enter my subscriptions. I with the greatest success.

Greg Wilson Potts Point Australia


See this article as it appeared in the Rainbow Magazine 1981-12 Pag 7, in