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Katerpillar Attack

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Katerpillar Attack
Katerpillar Attack
Year 1982
Publisher Tom Mix Software
Author R & S Krotz
Media Disk/Tape
Requires Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, joystick.

Katerpillar Attack is one of the earlier clones of the arcade hit Centipede. Unlike the arcade, or most clones, your vertical movement was extremely limited (only 2 positions), although the sound effects were fairly decent. It was also missing the Scorpion from the arcade (and some other Coco versions), and the poisoned mushrooms that the Scorpion created. It also had a cute intro that was drawn on the screen by a Katerpillar.

Katerpillar Attack intro screen
Katerpillar Attack game screen
Katerpillar Attack Cassette