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For its - Gin, Gin, Gin

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Home / Publications / Rainbow / Rainbow 1981 / Rainbow 1981-10 - For its - Gin, Gin, Gin

Yes, Virginia, there are computer widows everywhere. But Ronald R. Smith of Chicago says he thinks he's solved some of the problem in his house.

Mrs. Smith, it seems, is an avid gin player. And, while she can't stand the COLOR Computer Ron recently purchased, she'll play a hand or two of gin any time.

The version of gin played by most is "Hollywood," with three games going on at once. After each hand, the winner scores in all three games (assuming he has won at least three hands). At the end of the game, when all three hands have "gone out," each player gets so much for each point, so much for each "box" (or hand won -- sometimes multiplied by three, depending on the number of active games at the time) and so much for winning each of the three games. Usually, it’s a penny a point, quarter a box and a dollar a game.

Sometimes the scorekeeping can get fast and furious. Ron, however, has designed a scorekeeper for the COLOR Computer, with the listing below.

"This program looks pretty easy, but it isn't because there is a lot of comparing to do," writes on. "For instance, you can't score on game two until you've scored in game one. The same goes for game three. Also, once you reach 150 in any game, that game is over and here is no further score allowed by either player in that game. It did make some doing to figure out and I'm pretty proud of it." Best of all, as far as Ron is concerned, Mrs. Smith now sees the value of the computer. And, when e's not playing gin -- Ron usually lets to program without any lassie.

The program is pretty easy to run, just load, answer the questions and start dealing. You could tie this to a screen monitor to see the progress of the game as well.

By the way, the RAINBOW would be interested in any further success stories in demonstrating applications to the non-computerists who (generally) live with us. Let us know your story and send in your program.

2'*          GIN 2.0          *
3'*        (c)   1981         *
4'*            BY             *
5'*         FALSOFT           *
200 PRINTTAB(4)A1$;TAB(19)A2$:PRINT"------------------":PRINTN;E;R,L;K;J:INPUT "MINNER";W$:IF W$=A1$ THEN 300 ELSE 500
210 PRINT "------------------------------"
310 IF w=0 THEN 1000
320 IF E=0 THEN 1100
330 IF R=0 THEN 1200
340 IF W=>150 AND E=>150 AND R=>I50 THEN 1300
350 IF W=>150 AND E=>150 THEN 1400
360 IF W=>150 THEN 1500
370 GOTO1600
510 IF L=0 THEN 2000
520 IF K=0 THEN 2100
530 IF J=0 THEN 2200
540 IF L=>150 AND K=>150 AND J=>150 THEN 2300
550 IF L=>150 AND K=>150 THEN 2400
560 IF L=>150 THEN 2500 570 GOTO2600
1000 IF L<150 THEN W=W+Q:BW=BW+1
1010 GOTO200
1100 IF K<150 THEN E=E+Q:BW=BW+1
1110 IF L<150 AND K<150 AND K<150 THEN W=W+Q:BW=BW+1
1120 GOTO200
1200 IF J<150 THEN R=R+Q:BW=BW+l
1210 IF J<150 AND K<150 AND E<150 THEN E=E+Q:BW=BW+1
1220 IF J<150 AND K<150 AND L<150 AND W<150 THEN W=W+Q:BW=BW+1
1230 GOTO200
1300 GOTO4000
1400 IF J<150 THEN R=R+Q:BW=BN+1
1410 GOTO200
1500 IF K<150 THEN E=E+Q:BW=BW+1
1510 IF J<150 THEN R=R+Q:BW=BW+1
1520 GOTO200
1600 IF L<150 THEN W=W+Q:BW=BW+1
1610 IF K<150 THEN E=E+Q:BW=BW+1
1620 IF J<150 THEN R=R+Q:BW=BW+1
1640 GOTO200
2000 IF W<150 THEN L=L+G:BL=BL+1
2010 GOTO200
2100 IF E<150 THEN K=K+G:BL=BL+1
2110 IF W<150 AND E<150 AND L<150 THEN L=L+G:BL=BL+1
2120 GOTO200
2200 IF R<150 THEN J=J+G:BL=BL+1
2210 IF R<150 AND E<150 AND K<150 THEN K=K+G:BL=BL+1
2220 IF R<150 AND E<150 AND W<150 AND L<150 THEN L=L+G:BL=BL+1
2230 GOTO200
2300 GOTO5000
2400 IF R<150 THEN J=J+G:BL=Bl+l
2410 GOTO200
2500 IF E<150 THEN K=K+G:BL=BL+l
2510 IF R<150 THEN J=J+G:BL=BL+1
2520 GOTO200
2600 IF W<150 THEN L=L+6:Bl=Bl+1
2610 IF E<150 THEN K=K+6:BL=BL+1
2620 IF R<l5O THEN J=J+G:BL=BL+l
2630 GOT0200
4000 AS=N+E+R: BS=L+K+J
4010 TP=AS-BS: MP=TP*.01
4020 TB=BN-BL: MB=TB*.25
4030 IF W>=150 THEN G1=1
4035 IF E>=150 THEN G2=1
4040 IF R>=150 THEN G3=1
4045 IF L>=150 THEN G4=1
4050 IF K>=150 THEN G5=1
4055 IF J>=150 THEN G6=1
4060 6P=GI+62+53
4060 GOTO6000
5000 AS=N+E+R:BS=L+K+J
5010 TP=BS-AS:MP=TP*.01
5020 TB=BL -BW:MB=TB*.25
5030 IF W>=150 THEN G1=1
5035 IF E>=150 THEN G2=1
5040 IF R>=150 THEN G3=1
5045 IF l>=150 THEN G4=1
5050 IF K>=150 THEN G5=1
5055 IF J>=150 THEN G6=1
5060 P6=G4+G5+G6
5080 GOTO6000
6000 PRINT:PRINT A1$:TAB(11)"HAS";TAB(22)A2$
6010 PRINT
6050 END


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