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Doubleback is an abstract two-dimensional game of finesse.


The player uses an analog joystick, mouse, or trackball to control a dot on a black background, on which objects begin to appear randomly. If the dot crashes into an object, the player loses a life. Some objects, such as roller skates, move about; magnets even track and follow the player. Others, such as skulls, merely clutter up the screen and serve as obstacles.

The speed of the dot's movement is up to the player (below a maximum); and a skilled player can come to a complete halt. As the dot moves, it trails a line behind it, but the end of the line disappears at a constant rate like a lit fuse, effectively attempting to catch up with the player and reduce the line to a mere dot.

Points are scored by drawing a line completely around one or more objects, causing it or them to disappear.

The feel of the gameplay is unique, and players sometimes enjoy merely toying with the dot and line, attempting to write their names in cursive, etc.


The more objects at once a player encircles in one loop, the more points he scores, on an exponential scale, so there is an incentive to allow objects to pile up before making a serious encircling attempt. The more cluttered the screen, however, the more difficult it is to avoid crashing into an object.

Radio Shack Rompack 26-3091 1982 4K