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Backup Magic

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Italic textBackup Magic, Carl England, 2005

                 Review By Brian Palmer.

Backup Magic, The Best Copy Protection Backup Program on the Market Today, This program really makes the Coco 1,2 and 3 shine, In the Terms of it's Disk Backup power, And the speed it runs at. I Ran the Program on Z-89 By Steve Bjork, This Game has over 20 odd tracks copy protected, Backup Magic made a backup working version in about 40-50 secs flat, Now this is Quick by any Standards in Tandy Disk IO routines, But Here is the Kicker, Carl rewrote the IO routines to be faster in the read/write section, So in a sense, The Routines are Carls own ingenious code. And If your wondering if it can backup a non copy protected disk in the same time, The answer is Yes by what I have seen, But Don't take my word for it tho, You'll have to see it for yourself. What would be good, Is If you could re-program the FDC eprom, to use Carl's Backup IO Routines, And delete the Tandy Routines in the Floppy Disk Controller. But that's only the Rsdos version, There is a Pc version, which allows you to copy a copy protected program to run in a coco 1,2 and 3 emulator, Now Hows that for pure programming genious, Carl has thought of it all, The name of this program is called Magic2Pc.