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30th Anniversary

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The Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer was released in 1980, which means 2010 will be the 30th anniversary! The Glenside Color Computer Club will be holding their 19th Annuals "Last" Chicago CoCoFEST! most likely in the Fall (late September or early October) of 2010, and we'd like to help them make this a huge event.

Details soon...

Can we get a professionally designed logo for this milestone event? Something that could be used on shirts, keychains, posters, etc.?

Fest T-Shirt Display

How many Rainbowfest/CoCoFest/etc. T-shirts can we find? Let's see if we can get one of each at the show, and display them along the wall in chronological order.

CoCo Game Show

Using the fire button switches, four handheld push button devices could be made to allow four people to compete in a CoCo controlled game show. CoCo related trivia questions could be asked, and special software could track who buzzes in first. We could project the controlling screen. (I envision this to be the next level of the game Nick Marentes organized for PennFest one year.) We could play elimination rounds, so folks could be rotated out allowing more to play.


Let's set up a place at the show for folks to sit down in front of a camera and tell their story. How did they first learn about the CoCo? When and why did they get one? What did they do with it? When and why did they move on to something else? Stuff like that. This footage could then be compiled in to a "CoCo Chronicles" type documentary.


For the 30th anniversary, let's go all out.

Tandy/Radio Shack Support

As the 30th Anniversary of the very first color Radio Shack computer, it has been suggested we approach Tandy for sponsorhip support. We should plan this out and pitch the idea to them. We will figure out who is best suited to handle this.

Guest Speakers

Can we find some former CoCo greats and get them out to speak at the event? Imagine two full days of short rememberance talks, Q&A and autograph sessions. Who wrote The King for Tom Mix, Dino Wars or Dungeons of Daggorath? Some of these folks have been tracked down and interviewed by Curtis Boyle -- perhaps the 30th could entice a few of them to come out? I can also see if we can find some of the folks who were involved in the CoCo OS-9 project at Microware to appear.

If we get sponsorship or enough donations, we should be able to offer speaker fees.

Tell us who your favorite CoCoFest Guest Speakers would be, and help us track them down.

Charge What It's Worth

Let's pack the house and charge what it's worth. The Fest is too cheap today. Presale tickets online at a great discount (to build up a confirmed attendance audience).

CoCo Arcade

Let's have, at the very least, a CoCo 1, CoCo 2 and CoCo 3 set up with an assortment of ROM Paks and disk games, complete with joysticks.

Can we find EVERY ROM Pak ever released and have them all on display? This alone could get interest from the much-larger retro gaming community.

CoCo Game Program Contest

Per NickM: How about a games competition? Various categories... Best BASIC GAME under 1K, Best BASIC GAME over 1K, Best M/L Game.

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