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Home / Publications / Rainbow / Rainbow 1981 / Rainbow 1981-12Template:PageName (Here's a new feature, in which we will have some information on a monthly basis about your Color Computer. We can't reveal the source for most of this info... but be assured it's the latest "official" from some "official" sources!)


ROM 1.1: There is a new ROM, numbered 1.1, available for the Color Computer. If you buy Radio Shack's 32K upgrade, you will get it. Some of the later models will also have it. We've yet to determine whether you can actually purchase it separately.

The major thing is that it supports 8-bits to printers without having to load the 8-bit driver program (which Tandy will give you for free). On the video display, when loading from cassette, the video displays an 'F' and the file name when the selected file is located. The 'F' continues to flash until the file is finished loading, even if it's ungapped.

There are some minor difference. when running the Chess and Bustout ROM packs.

NEW ROM PACKS: Despite earlier projections of mid-December for the Spectaculator and Scripsit ROM carts of Dec. 15, Tandy now does not expect them to be available until somewhat later. Spectaculator is a Color Computer version of VISICALC. Mere speculation: They'll either be available or compatible with disc system. (somehow).

MULTIPEN PLOTTER: That fancy looking multipen plotter will have Color Computer support. The software should be on disc and the Color Computer disc should be ready by the end of the year (make that January).

EDITOR/ASSEMBLER: The date for availability of this ROM pack has been shoved back to January or February. Reason: Tandy wants to add a DEBUG, so you won't have to load it on from tape. Hope they're


See this article as it appeared in the Rainbow Magazine 1981-12 Pag 14, in