LP VII driver (Rainbow 1981-07)

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Home / Publications / Rainbow / Rainbow 1981 / Rainbow 1981-07Template:PageName When you bought your LP VII, re-member the disappointment when you discovered you really couldn't use the graphics because COLOR Computer owners needed a driver to make a conversion of bit codes?

Well, the wait is over. Even here in Louisville, the driver is available (at Computer Centers). And the best news of all is that it is FREE for those of us who bought the LP VII. We're not going to go into the business of patting the Shack on the back without cause, but in this case its justified.

Also, in the area of FREE stuff, if you bought VIDEOTEX, Radio Shack has arranged to give you a free hour of the Dow Jones News Service. All you have to do is ask for it!


See Rainbow Magazine 1981-07 Pag 3, in Archive.org