The RAINBOW Magazine September 1981

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T/D Tape/Disk
ART Articles
DEP Departments
REV Product Reviews
EDI Editor's Notes
COR Correction
Title Author Description Pag Tape/Disk Section
Some special progams for schooldays Editor Note 1 Editor's Notes
Get ready to do battle near laser star JARB Software Laser Star Game 1 Games
Software theft Copyright 2 General
Correction Correction of the last article print screen 2 Corrections, Printers
Text editor - word processor John Waclo Excellent word processor 3 Word Processing
Teacher's helper FALSOFT student's friend 4 Education
SDS80C The Micro Works Assembler, Disassembler, editor and monitor also in ROM 7 Software Review, Assembler
Are you psychotic, psychic JARB Software Psycnic Aptitude Test 9 Games
Graphics printer Graphics screen print 13 Printers
Make your kids like the quiz kids FALSOFT Quiz Program 14 Games
S.E.C.S. DATASOFT Review: S.E.C.S. screen editor 16 Software Review
All in one Merge tape programs 17 Software Utility
Microworks RAM upgrade The Micro Works RAM upgrade 19 Hardware Review


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