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Home / Publications / RainbowTemplate:PageName Template:InfoBox This announcement of the The Micro Works company, appeared for the first time on RAINBOW in September 1981.

Curiously they accept "MasterCharge", not the credit card "MasterCard", it's a joke!!

PRODUCTS (in this advertiser)

Title Author Description Price Media Page
Software Development System (SDS80C) Is a complete 6809 editor, assembler and monitor package contained in one Color Computer program pack! 89.95 ROM 1
80C Disassembler 80C Disassembler $49.95 ROM 1
6809 Assembly Language Programming 6809 Assembly Language Programming $16.95 BOOK 1
PARALLEL O Parallel Interface 69.95 Hardware 1
CBUG Monitor Assembler 29.95 TAPE 1
CBUG Monitor Assembler 39.95 ROM 1
32K RAM 4K-16K to 32K RAM or 16K-32K to 64K RAM 39.95 RAM 1


Magazine Volume Page
The Rainbow September 1981 15
The Rainbow October 1981 11