Sounds of the Hounds

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Home / ArticlesTemplate:PageName "Sounds of the Hounds" was a 1994 April Fools Joke played on the CoCo Community by Terry Simons, the founder and president of Mid Iowa & Country CoCo Club. There are a handful of messages about it at:

If you follow that link and read the message from "Barry Peters" dated April 1, 1994 inquiring about the game, that is no coincidence. Terry had someone in his club post that message, pretending to ask about the game. In turn, Terry responded to the post as one "Mr. Caryn D. Whitehead", indicating how the game could be obtained.

More than a few people were turned off by this prank, which was right in line with Terry's sense of humor.

As of this writing, it's been over 11 years since Terry made this hoax, and it is still getting folks. If Terry were alive today, I'm sure he would get some satisfaction from that.