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The first and last fest of its kind, Middle America Fest '93 was the brainchild of Terry Simons of the Mid Iowa & Country CoCo (MI&CC). Held on March 27-28, 1993, this fest had the distinction of being held less than a mile from Microware's headquarters, the makers of OS-9. It was held at a one-level hotel called The INN, on University Avenue in Clive, Iowa.

Long sleeve, grey t-shirts were sold for the fest, with a large yellow cat emblazened upon the map of the continental United States. This was the fest where Mark Hawkins and Todd Earles showed up to take pictures with people to mimic the CoCo 3 Easter Egg.


Several seminars were held, including a CoCo Round Table discussion with Terry Simons and Carl Boll, Portability by James Jones and OS-9/6809 Assembly by Boisy Pitre.