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Home / Special ProjectsTemplate:PageName Is it possible to raise enough money to do a really big CoCoFEST!? Share your ideas...

  • Pre-sale tickets and T-shirts and such.
  • Merchandise -- create a line of retro CoCo stuff to offer on the internet. Perhaps someone may think it's cool to have a T-shirt with the old green startup screen.
  • Bounty -- start a bounty collecting to get certain people to the event. Find out what it would take, then see how many folks will pitch in. There are a number of famous CoCo folks I never got to meet and I would drop some money in a pot to meet them.
  • e-Bay -- This is the single biggest thing we can do. Let's organize and sort out all the stuff Glenside has and see if we can start listing the more valuable/rare items on e-Bay, with funds going directly to the club. Heck, they can ship boxes of stuff to volunteers (shipping fees probably need to be donated) and have them work on it.