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BACKUP is an utility to duplicate disks.

Syntax: Backup [<options>] [<sourcedevice>] [<destinationdevice>] [#<n>K]

Options  :

 e = exit if read error occurs
 f = backup from .dsk file
 s = single disk backup
 -v = do not verify writes
 -? = display help
 n memory in KB assigned to the BACKUP command

If <destinationdevice> is omitted, a single disk backup is executed.

If both devices are omitted, /d0 and /d1 are used.

Assigning more memory to the command speeds up the procedure, mostly when used with a single drive.

BACKUP performs a sector by sector copy, ignoring file structures. In all cases, the devices specified must have the same format (size, density, and so forth) and the destination disk must not have defective sectors.

A typical backup session

/DD:backup /d0 /d1

Ready to backup from /d0 to /d1 ?: y

disk label

is being scratched

OK ?:y

Sectors copied: $05A0

Verify pass

Sectors verified: $05A0