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Xenion by Michael Duncan Sold by Diecom Software INC, 1987

This was the first Coco 3 space game, that showcased the Graphics of the Coco 3, The Graphics screen is either the 320x225x4 colors,or the 640x225x4 colors, Sound effects are normal coco generated sounds. This is 1 game, I still like to play, even after 17 years of owning it. As you go through each stage, you'll see alien ships designed from Famous spaceships, from Battlestar Galatica, Starwars, and countless others. Game play is controlled by using the right Joystick, 2 players use The right and left joysticks. Firebutton 1 fires missiles, Spacebar fires the smart bomb(if you have any, Destroy everything on the screen). Enemies, Vary from Motherships, to Alien fighters, ground base Tanks and Cannons, to force fields(which you can only destroy by shooting the power generator, located behind). You'll find, <E> squares for energy, Missile logos for more smart bombs. 1 Thing i'll say about this game, The programmer sure put a lot of detail to the back ground scenes, Hopefully, soon i'll be able to freely give copies of this wonderful game to coco users.