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Welcome to the RAINBOW! (Rainbow 1981-07)

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Home / Publications / Rainbow / Rainbow 1981 / Rainbow 1981-07 - Welcome to the RAINBOW! (Rainbow 1981-07)

First of all, welcome to the RAINBOW!

We'd like to open things up for volume one, number one with a little background on why the RAINBOW exists and what we hope to accomplish with this newsletter. If you are anything like us, we think you'll see that this publication is well worth the small amount we'll be asking you. to invest in it. Most of us are among the first to be the proud owners of a TRS-90 COLOR Computer. And, if you are like we were, you. were attracted to TRS-80 in the first place by all those great Programs available for the Models I, II and III.

But, where did that leave us? Except for some Programs in the Manuals — And the e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e ROM Packs offered by the Shack - there Just isn't a great deal out there right now. Oh, it is coming. But the wait seems long and there are a lot of things the COLOR Computer can do that its big bro-thers can't. And, frankly, what software is available might be good or might be bad. I'm sure you, like I have, hear all sorts of stories about software that doesn't work, won't load, and so forth. One of the things we expect to be is YOUR representative to the software distributors. We'll be doing reviews and we'll give you the straight Scoop. We feel confident that those dealers who have a good Product -- and who want to reach an interested and receptive market — will be happy to let us review their software. And, be sure, you'll get a fair and honest appraisal from the RAINBOW.

We'll also pass along programs on these pages. Those we come across ourselves, and those you may want to contribute. Don't be bashful. And don't think your Program has to be a "monster" to get reproduced here. (In fact, as you'll see shortly, the Program used to write the RAINBOW takes up just three lines.) So, send in your favorites and we'll share them with the world.

One most important thing. The RAINBOW is devoted to the COLOR Computer and the COLOR Computer only! While future issues will share some of the "secrets" of program conversion, you won't find anything here about any other computer. No Mod III stuff, no Apple stuff, no Atari stuff. The RAINBOW is going to be the one -- and, to our knowledge ONLY -- publication that's just for. COLOR Computer owners. In other words, we think you'll find everything you read in the RAINBOW will have a direct application to YOUR Computer.

Ah, the Commercial. The RAINBOW costs money to print and mail. In order to pay some of those costs. we're charging $12 a year for a subscription. We hope you'll find that reasonable and that you'll send a check by return mail. Frankly, that's pretty cheap for all the information you'll get. I hope you'll agree. Thanks a lot for listening. We look forward to hearing from you.


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