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Warrior King

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Warrior King By Glen R Dahlgren and Sundog Systems. This was the first coco 3 Arcade game done, using the 320x200x16 color screen, By Sundog Systems. I find that like all his games Glen done, they were really detailed, being the shape of the hero to the villians and background scenes, I found this game, isn't no walk in the park one, the controls can be quite picky, your jumps have to be spot on, but other than that, the game is quite enjoyable. The controls are: to walk left or right, simply push the joystick in that direction. if you want to jump, right or left, push joystick in the upper left or right corners to jump straight up, push joystick straight up. to climb vines,chain, jump onto the vine or chain, then push joystick in the direction the vine or chain goes, to let go, press fire button, or push joystick in the intended direction. To Attack: press firebutton and push joystick in the direction the villian is at, and can attack while jumping as well. or if you want to croach and attack, hold the joystick down. plus you will find objects along the way, which help you build up strength, double armor, healing etc.