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Welcome to the OS9Dude's CoCo wiki page!

This is just my first attempt at this so be patient ;-)

'been a CoCo user since 1981, 1st wholly owned personal computer was the MC-10 along with it's 16kRAM pak and all RS software; 1st wholly owned PRO personal computer was a CoCo 3, then at 128kRAM and FD-501 with B&W TV monitor; next big thing was an CoCo 3 upgrade to 512kRAM, 2nd drive and CM-8 monitor and OS9 Level II. Then I bought a beat up Commodore PET, fixed it up and sold it!. Assorted TRS-80s have come and gone and some stayed: Model I, III & IV plus the PC-1


Retrocomputing, Music: play a decent guitar, drums, 3 finger keyboards, percussion, bass... bad singer... follow up with more info later. Keep on CoCoing.