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Undercolor/850103/Whos Who/filler

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UnderColor, Volume 1, Number 3, January 11, 1985

Undercolor 850103 filler Whos Who image.jpg


  • Title: Who's Who
  • Text:

Debra A. Marshall
Dennis Bathory Kitsz
Contributing Photographer
Charley Frelberg
Production Manager
Clare McCarthy
Janet Patterson
Logistics Coordinator
Joanne Trottier
Technical Consultant
and Publisher
Dennis Kitsz
Judy Knapp
Spencer Knowlton
Editorial office
Published By: ColorPlus Inc., Box
6809, Roxbury, VT 05669. (802)485-
Circulation Problems? Contact
David Gunn, Box 6809, Roxbury, VT
05669, 802-485-6440.
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