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Undercolor/840101/Win Bill Barden

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UnderColor, Volume 1, Number 1, December 10, 1984

  • Title: Win Bill Barden
  • Author: William Barden, Jr.
  • Synopsis: Bill poses a fun problem.
  • Page Scans: Link


Ready to win Big Money? Do you like fame and notoriety? Would you like to be feted and dined in every major Color Computer center from Appleton, Maine to Mission Viejo, California? lf this appeals to you, enter the First Great International UnderCoIor Magazine Programming and Pie Eating Contest!
In all seriousness, readers, this contest does give you a chance to win a prize. The grand prize consists of two hours of free advice from Bill Barden. lf you win the contest, Bill will give you a call at a mutually agreed upon time to discuss your hopes, dreams, and aspirations regarding your pet Color Computer project—anything from graphics to assembly language. You can use this consulting time in any way you'd like, ask any questions you'd like, or even get tutorial advice. It’s BilI's nickel on the phone charges, too!
Runnerups will be listed in the pages of Under Color.
Ready for the contest question? You don’t have to be a super programmer to answer it — all it takes is a little research, a little hard work, and some originality. Here it is:
Write an Extended Basic program that draws a spiral figure on graphics screen 0 on PMODE 4 (256 x 192 resolution). The figure, when done, should look like Figure 1. That’s it! You can use any combination of Basic commands you’d like, but no assembly language please. The winner will be the reader whose program executes in the shortest possible time. (Entries that simply list a series of Line commands will be disqualified.) When you’ve finished the program, send a listing and either a cassette tape or disk file to: William, Barden, Jr., P.O. Box 3568, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.
Along with your entry also indicate the approximate time the program takes to execute, and be sure to say it’s an Under Color contest entry!

Bill will judge the entries on these criteria: he will first look at the approximate times for execution, and discard those entries that are obviously too slow. He will then test the remaining entries to see that they produce the figure, measure the execution time, and select a winner. The winner will then be notified via Under Color.

The closing date for entries is January 15, 1985. The winner and runners-up will be announced early in 1985. Good luck!