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* March - [[CoCo-X]] project announced via Kickstarter project.

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If someone with Wiki experience wants to find an appropriate template for this, please do so. Ideally this would be a timeline of significant events in CoCo history, including introduction of various models and peripherals. It would also be nice to list specific new discoveries (like when the CoCo 3 prototype was first displayed in public, or when the GLOOM demo or Donkey Kong port came out).

A good starting point might be old Radio Shack catalogs, noting what items were announced each year.


  • Radio Shack releases the TRS-80 Color Computer


  • Color Logo released in disk and "Program Pak" version



  • CoCo 3 released.


  • First CoCoPro sponsored Atlanta CoCoFest


  • First (and only) CoCoPro sponsored Chicago CoCoFEST!


  • Middle America Fest in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Glenside CoCo Club takes over the Chicago CoCoFEST!


  • Last Atlanta CoCoFest.


  • Ron Bull hosts firt Pennsylvania CoCoFest (1997-2000).


  • 20th Anniversary of original TRS-80 Color Computer.


  • 25th Anniversary of original TRS-80 Color Computer.


  • Roger Taylor's Bluetooth wireless RS232 pak released.


  • 30th Anniversary of original TRS-80 Color Comptuer.
  • John Linville's full motion video player shown on CoCo 3 at Chicago CoCoFEST!
  • DriveWire 4 beta shown with internet support.


  • 25th Anniversary of the Tandy Color Computer 3?



  • March - CoCo-X project announced via Kickstarter project.