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Space Marauder

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Space Marauder by Craig Stewart, Sold by Tandy Australia, 1988

This was the winner of the Bicentennial programming competition, Held by Tandy Australia in 1988,

This game uses the 320x200x16 color screen, Coco generated sounds, The hyperdrive sequence looks pretty good on a RGB monitor. Scenario: Waves of marauding spaceships have been terrorising the galaxy, Your mission is to hyperspace to the asteroid belt, pick up the warp device and hyperspace it to the marauding spaceship and destroy it. The asteroid belt gets increasingly more dangerous and the marauders more vicious as the game progresses. Game Controls: Left joystick and the fire button, to move and fire, <SpaceBar> to toggle wing lasers,(but beware wing lasers use more power). Hints: Your shields are non-rewnewable, The asteroids and marauders need to be hit dead centre, to be destroyed. Your ship only takes 20 hits ,before being destroyed. Run headfirst into warpers, to hyperspace to next screen(ship will self-destruct if you miss).