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Space Intruders

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Space Intruders, I remember, when this was first released by Tandy Australia, I brought it, That minute, wasn't passing up a chance to own another piece of Nick Marentes brilliance. Now to the game, You can use either Joystick or Keyboard , for the game controls(left and right arrows for steering, space for fire.), CNTRL and P together pauses game play CNTRL A aborts the game The graphics were 320x192 16 colour, with some really neat sound effects thrown in, The graphics were similiar to the original coin-up version, except this version has a ending, first 8 waves you only have to destroy the alien ships, But wave 9, has the mothership, which, I have to admit, I have never made it to this stage, still trying tho, That's what keeps me interested in this game, knowing that sooner or later I'll get to face the big one, and maybe defeat the mothership and win the game. What more can i say about this Gem of a game, you have to play it. I could add more to this page, But i'll leave that up to you, to add to my review, (that way, I will Know you have been playing it).