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An adventure game based on the rules of the "Dungeons & Dragons" RPGs.

The classic version uses ASCII characters instead of graphics, because it was designed to run even in "dumb terminals".

The CoCo port runs on OS-9, and has a 40 col. mode, a 80 col. mode and a graphic mode. This last one uses a special set of characters, and can be selected by typing MAKEGW at the command prompt before running ROGUE.

Technical information

  • Published by: Epyx
  • Year: 1985 (Original non-CoCo version)
  • Media: 1 disk (standard OS-9 35 tracks)
  • Copy protection: No

System requirements

  • CoCo 3
  • 128K RAM (512K recommended)
  • Floppy drive
  • RGB Monitor recommended for the 80 col / graphic mode