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Marty Goodman

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"Martin H. Goodman, M.D., a physician trained in anesthesiology is a long-time electronics tinkerer and outspoken commentator -- sort of the Howard Cosell of the CoCo world. On Delphi, Marty is the SIGop of RAINBOW's[1] CoCo SIG and database manager of OS-9 Online. His non-computer passions include running, mountaineering, and outdoor photography. Marty Lives in San Pablo California." -- Bio from Rainbow Magazine[2], March 1989, pg 34.

Marty authored a column for Rainbow Magazine called Coco Consultations.

Graphics Programs

  • Graphicom - A popular graphics editor. (reviewed in the April 1984 Rainbow Magazine[3], pg 224)
  • Graphicom II - A sequel to Graphicom that has new features. Not a revision.(reviewed in the November 1985 Rainbow Magazine[4], pg 209)


Hot Coco Magazine

  • Monochrome Monitor Driver (Hot Coco Magazine[5], July 1983, pg 36)
  • Color-Monitor Driver (Hot Coco Magazine[6], August 1983, pg 98.)

Rainbow Magzine

  • How to fix your CoCo 2 disk controller (Rainbow Magazine[7], February 1985, pg 149.)
  • A disk tinkerer's device (Rainbow Magazine[8], March 1986, pg 84.)
  • Now you see it, now you don't! (Rainbow Magazine[9], June 1986, pg 90.)
  • The great transformation (Rainbow Magazine[10], June 1986, pg 182.)
  • Remote control CoCo (Rainbow Magazine[11], July 1986, pg 71.)
  • Transfer CoCo text files to MSDOS disks. (Rainbow Magazine[12], July 1986, pg 176.)
  • A recipe to fix CoCo fried chips (Rainbow Magazine[13], August 1986, pg 24.) (See retraction October 1986, pg 92.)
  • Inside the CoCo 3 (Rainbow Magazine[14], October 1986, pg 90.)
  • The shock absorber (Rainbow Magazine[15], October 1986, pg 158.)
  • RTTY for the Color Computer (Rainbow Magazine[16], November 1986, pg 36.)
  • Fixing CoCo and Multipak power supplies (Rainbow Magazine[17], December 1986, pg 54.)
  • A PAL for your CoCo 3 (Rainbow Magazine[18], January 1987, pg 98.) (See note February 1987, pg 160.)
  • A guide to RGB analog monitors for the CoCo 3." (Rainbow Magazine[19], August 1987, pg 68.)
  • Monitor updates (Rainbow Magazine[20], November 1987, pg 33.)
  • CoCoing abroad (with Don Hutchinson) (Rainbow Magazine[21], November 1987, pg 32.)
  • Photographing a CRT screen (with Fred Cisin) (Rainbow Magazine[22], December 1987, pg 58.)
  • Quick fixes (Rainbow Magazine[23], October 1988, pg 58.)
  • Upgrading Coco's Memory (Rainbow Magazine[24], March 1989, pg 34.)
  • A hard drive for your CoCo (Rainbow Magazine[25], March 1989, pg 44.)
  • The OS-9 *CART Interrupt Fix, CoCo3 (Rainbow Magazine[26], November 1989, pg 50.)
  • Disk Drives and the Color Computer (Rainbow Magazine[27], March 1990, pg 22.)
  • Adding a Disk Drive to Your CoCo Pt. 2 (Rainbow Magazine[28], April 1990, pg 92.)
  • RS-232 Retrofit (Rainbow Magazine[29], July 1991, pg 10.)
  • Upgrade Your Multi-Pak (Rainbow Magazine[30], October 1991, pg 52.)
  • Modification Allows Y Cables (Rainbow Magazine[31], March 1992, pg 7.)