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Link to the book's Facebook group is [ here].
Link to the book's Facebook group is [ here].
'''3/27/2013:''' The CoCo community is alive and well, with over 400 members on the [[CoCo Mailing Lists|Color Computer mailing list]], and many new projects underway. There is a CoCo Coding contest going on, the new [[CoCo-X]] hardware project, an upcoming [[Chicago CoCoFEST!]] convention (April 27-28, 2013), and various other itmes being worked on.

==Special Projects==
==Special Projects==

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Looking for CoCo help? If you are trying to do something with your old Color Computer, read this quick reference. Want to contribute to this wiki? Be sure to read this first. This CoCo wiki project was started on October 29, 2004. --OS-9 Al

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SockMaster's CoCo 3 and CM-8 monitor.
As of 1/30/2014, the wiki has been updated to the latest release. There may be problems. Also... I need someone who is willing to help me with Wiki cleanup. E-mail me and I'll talk to you about what I am trying to do (or start with the Read Me First file link). --OS-9 Al

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Welcome to the experimental CoCo Wiki! Help me fill this thing up with information on all things CoCo. You have to have an account to edit/create pages. If you are unfamiliar with how Wikis work, I'll have a short tutorial posted later. -- Allen

We will come up with a template format to use for the various pages. We can base it on other things that Wikipedia has done, and include a photo and table for filling in information (name, release date, system requirements, etc.). This should be fun. For now, you can just create and edit pages and put raw information there, and we'll have editors start formatting later when we figure out what the format needs to be.

Latest CoCo News

1/16/2014: Boisy Pitre and Bill Loguidice have released a book on the history of the CoCo titled: CoCo: The Colorful History of Tandy's Underdog Computer.

The book is currently available via Amazon and it's publisher CRC Press. The initial batch delivered to Amazon had some printing issues in a number of the books. That is supposed to have been rectified as of this date. I cannot recommend this book enough for CoCoNuts and classic computer enthusiasts.

Amazon link to the book is here.

Link to the book's Facebook group is here.

Special Projects

Visit the new Special Projects section, featuring:

  • Getting Started with DriveWire - A short history and tutorial on DriveWire for your Color Computer 1, 2, or 3.
  • DW4 Installation Guide - A Step by Step Guide to installing DriveWire4, HDBDOS, and NitrOS-9_dw on a DW4 Coco setup.
  • 30th Anniversary - Ideas and plans for the 30th Anniversary of the CoCo in 2010. This was never realized, but it is hoped some of the ideas may be carried forward and implemented at a future gathering.
  • CoCo in the Movies - Listing of movies, TV shows, etc. that have featured a CoCo.
  • New Development - Links to new CoCo hardware/software projects in development, including the CoCo-X Kickstarter project.

Site Sections

  • Articles - New articles written specifically for the CoCo Wiki.
  • Color Computer Links - Collection of the known CoCo related websites.
  • Color Computer 1 - Detailed information of the CoCo 1
  • Color Computer 2 - Detailed information of the CoCo 2
  • Color Computer 3 - Detailed information of the CoCo 3
  • Companies - Past, present, and... future?
  • Conventions - Rainbowfests, Color Expos, CoCoFESTs and more.
  • Datasheets - Manufacturer's Datasheets for all sorts of Integrated Circuits.
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions on CoCo topics.
  • Hardware - Disk controllers, speech paks, MIDI interfaces.
  • People - Who's who (or who was) in the CoCo Community.
  • Programming - Programming Languages and Utilities.
  • Publications - Rainbow, Hot CoCo, UpTime, Color Computer, and others.
  • Software - Games, utilities, and tigers. Oh my!
  • Timeline - Color Computer historic timeline.

See Also

  • Emulators - The next best thing to the real thing? How to run Color Computer software on modern PCs, Macs and Linux machines. And more.
  • CoCo Next Generation - A collaborative effort to write specifications for future CoCo development.
  • CoCo Relatives - Color Computer clones, spin-offs, and descendants, such as the MM/1 and TC-9 Tomcat.
  • Internet Resources - Other places to talk CoCo on the internet.

Special Pages

...let's get building!