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Lyra Midi Sequencer by Lester Hands

Year 1984 -1989
Publisher Speech Systems, Rulaford Research, Musicware
Author Dr. Lester Hands
Media Disk/Tape (early versions)
Requires Coco 1/2/3, Joystick, 64Kb
Graphic mode 256x192x2

Lyra, the ever popular music editor that lets you compose music on a graphics music staff with a mouse.

Lyra can be used to play music on any MIDI synthesizer or through your TV or monitor speaker.

You don't need an expensive interface, just a simple cable you can easily make is all that is needed. You an easily modify the supplied music files to create room filling sound from your synthesizer. Or even make its sound like a 8 piece band playing!

Transcribing from sheet music is easy, you don't need to be a musician. lf you own a CoCo (any version with at least 64K memory), you can't afford to pass up this opportunity.

(from a Rainbow add)

Technical Information

  • Computer: Coco 2 or 3
  • Memory: 64k
  • Storage: 1 Disk Drive
  • Input: Mouse


  • Graphical on screen editing
  • Complete Mouse Controled
  • Grand Piano Staff
  • 8 Simultainious voices
  • Most music notation symbols represented