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Koronis Rift

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Koronis Rift
Koronis Rift
Year 1987
Publisher Epyx, sold through Tandy/Radio Shack
Author Ken Rogoway (Lucasfilm Ltd., for Epyx)
Media disk only, OS-9 Level II or NitrOS9
Requires Color Computer 1,2,3, 128K RAM, joystick.

Koronis Rift is an original arcade game put out for various platforms by Lucasfilm games (a division of the company that made the Star Wars movies. Using the same terrain generating algorithm that Rescue On Fractalus used. However, unlike the more simple search and rescue mission that Fractalus had for game play, in Koronis Rift, you have to drive on the surface, trying to find old hulk space ships, and loot them of their hardware (see the 'looting a hulk' screen shot above). You have Guardian Saucers that will try to kill you while you are looting, and as you progress further and further into the game, you will get stronger and stronger (and, sometimes, completely new) hardware that you can use on your own ship (increase your speed, for example). you can only have 6 devices active at a time, so you have swap parts in and out as you find better ones. The multiple screens you see at the top of the screenshots eventually get used by some of your better hardware, as you collect it through the game (radar, etc.). From my looking on the web at the various screenshots of this game on other platforms (Commodore 64, Atari 800, Sinclair Spectrum), I think the Coco version has the best graphical detail of them all.

Koronis Rift Back
Koronis Rift intro screen #1
Koronis Rift intro screen #2
Koronis Rift game screen #1
Koronis Rift: on your bridge, and finding a hulk game screen
Koronis Rift: Looting a hulk game screen
Koronis Rift: Analysing a part game screen

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