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==FTP File Archives==
==FTP File Archives==
*[ The OS-9 and CoCo file archive at]
*[ The OS-9 and CoCo file archive at]
*[ FTP site associated with the Maltedmedia CoCo mail list, run by Dennis Kitsz]

==Old Delphi CoCo/OS-9 SIG File Lists==
==Old Delphi CoCo/OS-9 SIG File Lists==

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Mailing Lists


FTP File Archives

Old Delphi CoCo/OS-9 SIG File Lists

Lists of files from the OS-9 6809 and 68K file archives on the Delphi information service. These archives are no longer extant. Perhaps this wiki can serve as a way to organize the preservation of Color Computer history. Files on these lists that are preserved at can be marked, and those who have copies of files that aren't preserved can upload them so they are not lost to history. Only the OS-9 sections are cataloged here at this time. Please contribute lists of RSDOS files if you have them.

Old GEnie CoCo/OS-9 Files

Here is a list of CoCo and OS-9 files once hosted on the GEnie online service, long gone now of course. An interesting historical project would be to compare this list with the Delphi archives and those of Compuserve, if such a list can still be found or re-constructed.