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Hardware design and integrated circuits

Internally the CoCo 1 and CoCo 2 models are functionally identical. The core of the system is virtually identical to the reference design included in the Motorola MC6883 data sheet and consists of five LSI chips:

Audio Digitizers

Audio Output Devices

Bus Expander

Computers & Clones

Tandy/Radio Shack Tape Drive Systems

Other Tape Drive Systems

Floppy Disk Controllers

Tandy/Radio Shack floppy disk controllers

Third party floppy disk controllers

Hacking floppy disk

Alternate floppy disk controller ROMs

Hard Drive Controllers

Input Devices

Tandy / Radio Shack

Third party


Memory Upgrades

MIDI Interfaces

Monitors and displays

Multi Devices

These are items that serve more than one purpose, such as Cloud-9's SuperBoard.

RS232 Devices

Video Digitizers

Video Out

Light Controler

Mods & Hacking