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Francis Swygert

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Francis (Frank) Swygert conceived and published "the world of 68' micros". He also published several other CoCo publications, including "Tandy's Little Wonder" - a complete CoCo history and reference guide - and wrote a couple programs, the major one being a genealogy database for the CoCo3, "The CoCo Family Recorder". This was later ported to BASIC-09 by another party. Publications are available for free download (personal use only, no sales or posting to other sites or inclusion in databases without written permission) at

A full copy of "Tandy's Little Wonder" is available as a PDF download at This is not only a complete history of the CoCo, but a "survival" guide as well, with use instructions and repair info. It's the best available guide for the new user and old hand as well.

Frank was born December 8, 1961. He served in the USAF from 1983-2007, retiring as an E-7 (Master Sergeant). He now lives in his home town of Batesburg-Leesville, SC. He is still in the hobby publication business, currently producing a small AMC/Rambler magazine (