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For those who just want to relive some fond memories, an emulator is a great way to do just that.



Raspberry Pi

Adapters and peripherals

  • CoCo Joystick2USB Deluxe - An adapter to connect a TRS-80 Joystick (5/6-pin DIN) to a modern USB-capable computer
  • CoCo Keys2USB Kit - Kit includes custom PCB, micro-controller, and connectors to build an encoder for connecting TRS-80 Color Computer 3/2 keyboard to USB port

Emulators by Platform

Browser Based

These emulators you can run directly from a web browser without needing to install anything:

  • Mocha, by Brad Grier, is a CoCo 1/2 emulator written in Java that runs from a web browser. This emulator has been running online for 10 years now and has a vast collection of disk and cassette programs to run.
  • XRoar Online


  • MAME, the current version of MESS has been merge into MAME. MAME runs on Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, and other SDL-supported operating systems.
  • XRoar is a Dragon and Coco 1/2 emulator for Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, and other platforms.


Mac (pre OS X)

  • Virtual CoCo - A CoCo 2 emulator for the Macintosh. Not much is known of this emulator.

Mac OS X

  • MacMESS - Multi-platform emulator that has a CoCo 1, 2 and 3 module. It is a front-end for SDLMESS.
  • OVCC (see above under GNU/Linux)
  • XRoar (see above under cross-platform)


  • CoCoNut - CoCo 1/2 emulator for PalmOS v5 devices.


  • Jeff Vavasour's CoCo emulator.

Microsoft Windows

  • MESS - Based on the MAME arcade emulator code, this project emulates various classic home computer systems.
  • AdvanceMESS
  • VCC - CoCo 3 emulator for Windows. (originally called "Bjork")
  • XRoar (see above under cross-platform)

Using Emulation (Tutorials)

General Information

ROM Resources

Some places on the internet to download ROM and Disk images.

  • A functional set of ROM images is included with the VCC emulator.