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Deluxe Color Computer

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Deluxe Color Computer

Pre-Production Boards

Three pre-production (PP) boards for the canceled Deluxe Color Computer exist:

  • Boisy Pitre has gathered two of the Deluxe pre-production boards, one from John Prickett and one from Greg Zumwalt which did not have Advanced or Deluxe ROMs.
  • Brian Weiseler has Robert Kilgus' Deluxe with Advanced Color BASIC 00.00.07 ROMs intact


The Deluxe Color Computer upgrades the Color Computer 2 to include new hardware and software features

  • Motorola 6847 T1 Video Display Generator (VDG) with true lowercase and lowercase descender characters
  • General Instruments AY-3-8913 Programmable Sound Generator the same as Speech/Sound Cartridge (26-3144A), Symphony-12, Philharmonic-12, or CoCo PSG
  • American Megatrends (AMI) S6551P Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter (ACIA) the same as used in the Deluxe RS232 Pak
  • Additional circuitry for 60Hz timer interrupts
  • Additional color burst control
  • Additional address decoding to make the PSG and S6551 into the CoCo memory map

Memory Map

  • $FF00 - $FF1F - PIA 0
  • $FF20 - $FF2F - PIA 1
  • $FF30 - Option Control Register
Option Control Register Description
Bit Position Function
0 A14
1 A15
2 Enable above for RAM range: $4000-$7FFF
3 Alternate color set (blue / green alpha display)
4 N/A
5 N/A
6 Enable 60Hz interrupt
7 Enable cartridge select: 1 internal / 0 external
  • $FF38 AY-3-8910 Data register
  • $FF39 AY-3-8910 Control Register Latch
  • $FF3C SY6551 Transmit / Receive Register
  • $FF3D SY6551 Read status registers
  • $FF3E SY6551 Command register
  • $FF3F SY6551 Control Register


The Deluxe Color Computer contains an upgraded Color BASIC which merges Color BASIC, Extended Color BASIC, and Disk Extended Color BASIC into a single 32K Advanced Color BASIC ROM image.

Advanced Color BASIC includes a number of new features as well:

Bill Gates' Easter Egg exists in the Advanced Color BASIC as well from BF67 to BF70