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Is a monitor in machine language

MONITOR TAPE: A cassette tape which allows you to: • Examine or change memory using a formatted hex display • Save areas of memory to cassette in binary (a "CSAVEM") • Download/upload data or programs to a host system • Move the video display page throughout RAM • Send or receive RS-232 at up to 9800 baud • Investigate and activate features of your computer, such as hi-res graphics or machine language music • Use your color computer as an intelligent peripheral for another computer, a color display or a 6809 program development tool

The monitor hex to commands in all, and is relocatable and re-entrant. CBUGTape Price: $29.95 MONITOR ROM: The same program as above, supplied in 2718 EPROM. This allows you to use the entire RAM space. And you don't need to re-load the monitor each time you use it. The EPROM plugs into the Extended Basic ROM Socket or a modified ROM PACK. CBUG ROM Price: $39.95



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