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Able Builders

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Able Builders
Able Builders
Year October 1986 issue
Publisher T&D Software #52
Author Terry Steen
Media Tape & Disk
Requires Color Computer 1,2,3, 16K RAM, tape or disk, joystick.
Type Game
Download Tape.ZIP / BIN

Able Builders

Able Builders is loosely based on such games as the Atari 2600's smash hit Kaboom, or the old arcade game Avalanche. The object is to catch falling objects before they hit the bottom of the screen. This version of the game, unlike other Coco games similiar to it such as Catch'em or Popcorn, however, adds several twists: The objects are being dropped by a person (same as Kaboom), but the more you miss, the further down his whole girder comes you much less reaction time to catch the objects. If he gets down too far, he will crush you. On the other hand, if you catch a certain number in a row, you can force the girder back up... and if you force it off the top of the screen, you proceed to the next level.

Able Builders intro screens
Able Builders intro screen #1
Able Builders intro screen #2
Able Builders game screen