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I am a long-time Color Computer fan from Colombia, interested in rescuing and restoring as many CoCos as I can and putting them in hands of new users.

This includes improving existing documentation and scanning, sharing new information, repairing and restoring older systems, and learning how to build cables and other peripherals for re-distribution, mostly in Latin america.

I'd also wish to offer free data recovery services for CoCo users (past and current), including decaying floppies.

I live in Montreal, Canada but will drive to any dying CoCo :)


  • - personal site, email contact form, Le Goût du Libre, my consulting work in Free open source software enterprise support and systems administration
  • CoCoByte - my home country (Colombia) Color Computer user group
  • RetroBytes, CoCo chat rooms in English, French and Spanish on the Matrix network, this is where I hang out


My first computer was an original Color Computer with 4K RAM. I then upgraded to CoCo 2. I still own both systems.

I also own a CoCo 3 as a my daily driver and several CoCo 2 and 3 systems rotate in my home lab while awaiting new owners.

Rescued CoCos

  • CoCo 2 64K - rescued from movie props business basement. DOA, re-set chips, worked.
  • CoCo 3 128K - bought from eBay, pending CPU replacement
  • CoCo 3 128K - bought from estate liquidation, re-set chips, worked (daily driver)
  • CoCo 2 64K - bought from eBay, shipped to Miami, pending delivery to Colombia for repair and new ownership
  • CoCo 2 16K - bought from FB marketplace, pending delivery