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The RAINBOW Magazine August 1981

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The RAINBOW Magazine August 1981

Name The RAINBOW Magazine August 1981
Date August 1981
Year 1981
Info Source Luis Fernández
About the Publication Info Box


T/D Tape/Disk
ART Articles
DEP Departments
REV Product Reviews
EDI Editor's Notes
Title Author Description Pag Tape / Disk Section
Line justifier FALSOFT Mini word processor
Program listing: Line justifier upgrade for text editor from last month.
1-2 Word Processing
CBUG monitor The Micro Works Review: CBUG Monitor, available tape or ROM cartridge from The Microworks.
It's a monitor program and also acts as a terminal emulator. Review says it works with CompuServe.
$29.95 on tape, $39.95 on ROM cartridge.
3 Software Review, Assembler
Thanks for the memories The RAINBOW More memory: PCLEAR 0 4 Software Utility, Tips
Printer status The RAINBOW Printer on line? 4 Software Utility, Printer
Contest for RAINBOW readers The RAINBOW 4 Contest
TANDY Disc-o The RAINBOW New Disk Drive
Rumors saying the official Tandy floppy drive would be coming out August or September 1981.
Pricing is suggested to be $595 for the first drive, $300-400 for additional drives.
5 Disk
JARBCODE JARB Software Review: JARBCODE, by JARB Software, a text encryption program. $14.95. No format specified, probably tape? 5 Software Review
SIGMON DataSoft, Inc. Review: SIGMON, machine language monitor, mini-assembler/disassembler, debugger. $29.95, from DataSoft. 6 Software Review
Driver backup The RAINBOW CSAVEM of Graphics Printer Driver we mentioned last month.
Additional info on the Line Printer VII driver. Cassette filename is "FTFX16"
6 Software Utility, Printer
Screen printer The RAINBOW Text Screen printer 7 Software Utility, Printer
Using the editor The RAINBOW Use basic EDIT, Hiden Commands 7 Tips, Tutorial
An educational program for everyone FALSOFT Amort Program 8-9 Software Utility, Educational, Mathematical