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TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs

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TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs
TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs
Title TRS-80 Color Computer & MC-10 Programs
Author William Barden, Jr.
Publisher Fort Worth, Tex. Radio Shack
Pub Date ©1983
Pages 184-194
ISBN 1114215570
ISBN-13 9781114215573
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Notes Cat 26-3195, 24 cm.
Info Source Luis Fernández


Name Descriptions
ADDSUB Addition and Subtraction Tutorial
AMORTIZE Amortization Schedule
BACH Bach Composition
BANNER Banner Program
CADNZA “Cadnza”
CALPGM Perpetual Calendar
CAMP “Camptown Races”
CFLIP Coin Flipper
CHECKS Checkbook
CODE Morse Code Program
CRYPTO Cryptography
DECCONV Binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal Converter
DIETCAL Diet Calculator
FRENCH French Drill
GERMAN German Drill
GREEN “Greensleeves”
INTEREST Interest Formulas
LABELS Mailing Labels
METRIC1 Metric Conversion 1
METRIC2 Metric Conversion 2
MORTGAGE Mortgage Calculator
MULTDIV Multiplication and Division Tutorial
MUSIC Keyboard Music
ODE “Ode to Joy”
OHMSLAW Ohm’s Law Calculator
PLOTTER Graph Plotter
SAINTS “When the Saints Go Marching In"
SAVESC Save Screen Subroutine
SKETCH Computer Sketchpad
SLOT Slot Machine
SPANISH Spanish Drill
STATS Statistical Analysis
TELDIR Telephone Directory
TIMPGM Timer/Clock Program
TOLLTIM Telephone Toll/Timer
TRIG1 Trigonometry Functions
TRIG2 Trigonometry Quiz
VOCAB Vocabulary Drill
WORDS Simple Word Processor for Coco
WORDSMC Simple Word Processor for MC-10
WJUMBLE Jumbled Word Puzzle

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