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Steve Bjork

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  • Popcorn (2K Cart)
  • Mega-Bug (4k Cart)
  • Sands of Egypt (One Floppy Disk)
  • Clowns & Balloons (2k Cart)
  • Zaxxon (On Both Tape and Disk)
  • Ghana Bwana (Disk)
  • Stellar Life Line (8k Cart)
  • Desert Rider (Disk)
  • Pitfall II (Disk)
  • One on One (Disk)
  • Super Pitfall (32k Cart)
  • Mine Rescue (Disk)
  • Bash (Disk)
  • Snake Pit (Disk)
  • Rampage (32k Cart)
  • Z-89 (Disk)
  • Arkanoid (32k Cart)
  • Marty's Nightmare (Disk)

Graphics Programs

  • Color Computer Artist, high edit graphics editor for the Tandy Color Computer (OS-9).
  • Bjork Blocks, TUME like editor for the Tandy Color Computer.

Other programs, drivers and hardware

  • SECS, Screen Editor Control System (On Tape)
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer (2k Cart)
  • Color File II, database program on 16k Cart
  • Hi-Res Joystick Interface for the Tandy Color Computer.

Non-Coco Products

  • Space Balls (TRS-80)
  • Galactic Fighter (TRS-80, Apple)
  • Space Balls II (TRS-80, Apple)
  • Pen Basic, Light Pin drivers for Apple, TRS-80.
  • SoftMusic, First two voice sound system for TRS-80 & Apple.
  • Crystal Quest (Game Boy)
  • The Rocketeer (SNES)
  • ChessMaster (Game Gear)
  • Captain Planet (Genesis)
  • Iron Hammer (Genesis 3-D)
  • Bass Masters Classic (SNES)
  • The Mask (SNES)
  • Bass Masters Classic Pro (SNES, Genesis)
  • The Milage Computer, Auto/PC device for recording trip mileage.

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